Partner and Supplier

colozü works with several partners and suppliers in order to deliver the best service at an affordable price.

Site Partners

If you are looking for a georedundant setup distributed among several independent sites with the ease of bundled services including rackspace, highspeed interlinks and/or IP transit, please contact us!
Name Location Website
Colobern Bern, BE Colobern

If you want to get rackspace, please contact one of our service partners from the list below.

Service Partners

(in alphabetical order)
Name / Website / Email Services
iway AG Rackspace, IP-Access, Hosting, Managed Server, Managed Housing
Nine Internet Solutions AG Rackspace, IP-Access, Hosting, Housing, Managed Server
NTS Workspace AG Rackspace, IP-Access, Hosting, Housing, BGP4 Engineering



Other companies and organizations which we work together with: